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Among many other features, Aboddin offers you the following helpful functions:
Screenshot: Subscription Browser

1. Inspiration for new Services

With the comprehensive subscription search engine, you can conveniently browse through all the subscriptions available in your market and in all the important categories such as movie and music streaming, fitness subscriptions, newspapers, transport companies, software as a service, telecommunication etc.

2. Control over your Subscriptions

Once your subscription portfolio has been populated, you will receive reminders about your subscriptions - whether for renewal or cancellation - by mail on your desktop or as a notification on your smartphone at the right time.
Screenshot: My Subscriptions
Screenshot: My Analytics

3. Analysis of your Portfolio

The subscription analytics engine automatically analyzes your portfolio, shows you transparently how much money you have spent on subscriptions per month and gives you a preview how much it will be in the next months. Or compare your subscription behavior with that of the Aboddin community.

4. Recommendations for Optimization

Very useful is the intelligent recommendation service which provides you with options on how to get the most out of your subscriptions. For example, with information on competitive offers, attractive promotions or new price plans from your existing providers.
Screenshot: Recommendations
Screenshot: Cancellations

5. Support with the Cancellation

If you have decided to cancel a subscription, we will support you. For example, with a secure direct link to the cancellation page or with step-by-step instructions for providers who have built in cancellation hurdles.